University Weihenstephan / Research Centre Weihenstephan

On foot, it will take you 10 minutes to reach Mount Weihenstephan. There you find the departments of the Technical University Munich (TUM).

Technical University Munich Library

As guest of the Hotel Lerner in Vötting you have a central vantage point in immediate vicinity of the Campus Weihenstephan.

Overnight stays are especially convenient for visiting parents of students, for visitors of faculty members and for conference participants, guest lecturers, and others.

Mount Weihenstephan is Close

A long time ago, you would have entered the Weihenstephan Convent on Mount Weihenstephan. Today, the former convent houses the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, the Bräustüberl (ale-house) Weihenstephan, and others. The Old Academy is now the domicile of the WZW administration (Weihenstephan Research Centre). While you are on top of the mountain, enjoy the view and the courtyard with the pavilion. Then you may want to leisurely saunter past the Lindenkeller (linden cellar) down to the old town centre of Freising.

Campus Weihenstephan

The Weihenstephan campus extends from the top of the mountain down to Vöttinger street. There you find additional auditoriums, institutes, and also the famous experimental shrub garden. Located just a short distance away are the Bavarian State Agency for Woodland and Forestry and the Bavarian State Agency for Agriculture.

Two University in Freising – The Green Centre

Freising is host to two excellent universities, namely the Wissenschaftszentrum (Research Centre) Weihenstephan of the Technical University Munich and the University Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

Weihenstephan with its two universities and several renowned research and educational institutes and with its main focus on the life sciences is considered the 'green heart of Bavaria'.

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