Taking the Isar Valley Bike Tour to Freising

We highly recommend taking out your bicycle for a tour from Munich along the river Isar to the picturesque cathedral city of Freising. Plan at least one but better several overnight stays to fully enjoy all Freising has to offer.

Discover the richness of the old town of Freising, climb to the top of the famous Domberg, and revel in the many pleasant views, the green belt around the city, and plenty of interesting experiences. You may even feel up to mounting your bicycle again and continue to Landshut or all the way to Deggendorf. Most of the bike tour goes through flat country flanked by thick lowland forest.

Bicycle riders have earned the cool bike specials in one of Freising's beer gardens. Be sure to try the Lerner beer garden. We also invite you to take a break, get one of our rooms including a hearty breakfast, and savour our local cuisine at our restaurant in the evening.

We are certified by the ADFC (German Bicycle Club)!

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We earned the seal 'Bed +Bike' awarded by the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC). The seal indicates that we are a bicycle-friendly hospitality business. We are eager to accommodate mountain bike riders and racing bicyclists.

Welcome All Bicyclists!

Isar Valley Bike Tour Munich - Freising - Landshut

We meet the criteria for a bicycle-friendly inn. That means we accommodate the needs and wishes of mountain bike riders and bicyclists who participate or train for races. We offer a burglar-proof room for the bicycles, provide updated weather information at the reception desk where we also offer suitable maps for bicycle riders. We also provide laundering or cleansing facilities for clothing and bikes. Of course, small tools for simple repairs are also available.

Be sure not to miss your healthy breakfast, a satisfying meal in our restaurant and a relaxing time in our beer garden. Creature comfort is an important part of our business and enjoyable bike tours.

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