The Historic Cathedral City Freising

Freising is rich in attractions. Visitors love strolling through the historic old city. Still, there is plenty of life in the old city. Freising is also a vibrant Bavarian centre for commerce, education, and culture.

Mariendom from the Domberg in Freising The Weihenstephaner Berg in Autumn

46,000 people live in the major Bavarian district town of Freising, which is home to several universities and institutions. The city is located along the Isar river about 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) north of Munich.

Before the secularisation, Freising used to be an important bishop's seat. It is the oldest city between the German cities of Regensburg and Bozen. Visitors love to take a stroll through the well-preserved historic old town centre with its stately town houses.

Aside from its fame as centre of excellence for the brewery sciences, Weihenstephan also basks in its reputation of being the 'Green Centre of Bavaria'. Freising owes this title to extensive research in the 'green' biological and engineering sciences in its many internationally renowned institutions.

Old and new exist in perfect harmony in Freising giving the city its own unique flavour.

““Wer Freising nicht gesehen hat, kennt Altbayern nicht!” [To know Old Bavaria you must have seen Freising!]”

H.W. Riehl 1866

Experience the many remarkable facets of Freising with all its old treasures and marvel at its strength as domicile of choice for future-oriented enterprises.

Accommodations in Freising

Our inn is situated in the western part of Freising, the part of town known as Vötting-Weihenstephan. The university campus Weihenstephan is just a stone's throw away. You may take the bus from downtown Freising to the campus but you may just as well walk the short distance. Our location in the centre of commerce, research, and tourism is ideal for visitors and business travellers to Upper and Lower Bavaria.

The bus (line 638) stops right in front of the Lerner Inn. If you board the bus in front of the hotel it will bring you to the Freising subway station within 10 minutes. Freising is the terminal subway stop of the Münchner Verkehrsverbund (MVV; Munich Transportation Network); all regional trains from Munich to Regensburg and Passau stop in Freising.

The Munich airport is only a few kilometres away. The same is true for the Autobahnen (highways) A9 between Munich and Nuremberg and the A92 between Munich and Deggendorf.

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