The Fraunhofer Institute in Freising

Researchers in the Fraunhofer Institute for process engineering and packaging (IVV) in Freising develop top quality food and ensure safe packaging.

Do you have an appointment at the Fraunhofer Institute or do you participate in an event? If you want to stay overnight, the nearby Hotel Lerner offers the ideal accommodations for researchers, participants in events, business partners or short-time student apprentices.

Doing Research in Walking Distance from the Hotel Lerner

The Fraunhofer Institute is located only a 10-minute walk away from the Hotel Lerner. This allows for some extra time for sleep or rest before leisurely leaving your competitively priced room. After a good breakfast, you can then walk along Giggenhauser Street toward the edge of Vötting county. Enjoy this relaxing walk to the Fraunhofer Institute, which is located directly at the Vötting Moos (peat bog). Alternatively, bus line 638 will bring you from the hotel to your destination (2 stops).

Book online or call +49 / 8161 / 537 59 - 99

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